surrogacyCouples who seek parenthood through surrogacy have several questions, doubts, and anxiety before finally going for it. The decision making is often a tough process. Here at we inform, guide, give sound advice, and support you on all the aspects of surrogacy arrangements. We would help you address some of the challenging questions related to your surrogacy decision and aim to make the process simpler, faster, and almost uncomplicated!

Our counselors are highly trained and experienced to assist you in unbiased manner and in the best possible way through each stage of your surrogacy procedure.

On your will, we could also discuss/share your case with the best doctors/hospitals/clinics of surrogacy treatment, associated with us in India. That too at free of cost!

Even if you have consulted a doctor already, we may still recommend a second opinion

If surrogacy has been recommended by one doctor and you haven’t taken a second opinion, we may recommend you to take that. Who knows, you still might have an option of getting pregnant with just IVF!

How we can help

Share your medical records with us and get a free expert opinion from one of our associated IVF and surrogacy experts !

Have you already decided for surrogacy?

In case you have decided that you would go for surrogacy, and chosen India for it, then request a call back from one of our patient advisors. We shall help with the rest.

How our patient advisor will help you

The patient advisor would understand and record all your doubts, issues, and preferences. Thereafter, our team would discuss and evaluate your case coming up with viable and the best surrogacy options as per your needs (in terms of doctors/hospitals location/cost etc.). Our patient advisor would call & e-mail you the recommendations.

Once we suggest you the ideal clinic or agency (if applicable) for surrogacy, you can contact them directly and understand their process, experience, costing, surrogate records and so on.

If you are happy with the clinic’s responses and details, you would go to the next step of surrogacy. Our patient advisor will also be available throughout your surrogacy procedure to assist and simplify the process for you.

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Choosing India for surrogacy

If you are in India, you are most likely contemplating in undergoing surrogacy in any of the Indian towns or cities. While there is no hard and fast rule regarding a choice of location, we generally recommend opting for a metro city (plus only a few established destinations). The reason, having the surrogacy in a metro would ensure a better quality as most established clinics in cities have rigorous surrogate check-up and monitoring process. And very importantly, you would be spared the nuisance of answering too many people in social circles!

Now, if you are an international visitor, you probably have enough good reasons to consider India. Among host of factors we can cite, the key factors for consideration would be:

  • Expert doctors in IVF and expertise in surrogacy
  • Good surrogacy clinics in almost every major city
  • Friendly surrogacy laws (except for same sex couples/single parent/divorced or separated couples)
  • Low cost
  • Ease of communication – most Indians you would deal with, speak good English language

If you want to know specifics of what would be the total cost considering your case in particular, you can:

  • Live chat with a Patient Advisor
  • Call us: +91 9999736632
  • E-mail us: