India is becoming a popular surrogacy destination for childless couples around the world, suffering from infertility. This is mainly due to the fact that the cost of surrogacy in developed countries is beyond the reach of the average earning couples and they are prompted towards India for the comparatively economical process offered in the country. Apart from benefits such as proficient medical assistance, easy legal norms, etc., cost is the major driving factor in attracting couples to India in search of parenthood.

There is a gamut of factors that determine the cost of surrogacy in India, such as compensation to the surrogate, type of procedure, number attempts for surrogacy etc., to name a few. The research suggests surrogacy cost in India is about 70% less than what is spent in developed countries like U.S., Canada, or UK. While for the couples living in India, it will cost about 60-70% less than their overseas counterparts seeking the same treatment in the country. On an average the cost of surrogacy in first attempt through IVF without any complications is between $25,000- $35,000 which excludes travel, accommodation, and embassy cost. Yes, that cost is still high, but don’t forget, that’s the cost of having your own baby!

Though each clinic quotes differently for various elements of surrogacy and has its own fee structure. We will here guide you through average cost of each aspect in a surrogacy procedure.

Clinics standard surrogacy packages

Almost all the surrogacy clinics in India provide a standard fee package that includes cost of various elements of the medical and other documentation processes. Generally, these standard packages only comprise a successful pregnancy in one cycle without any complications.

The expenses under packages may vary from clinic to clinic. The payments can be made in installments at various stages of the procedure. It is always advisable, before beginning the surrogacy procedure from any clinic to be well informed, counseled, and aware of what all expenses you will be paying via the package and what could be the other expenses that are excluded in the packages.

With time the cost of surrogacy is increasing due to various factors such as higher compensation to surrogate, insurance cover, or currency strengthening etc. You should check, compare, and understand clearly the difference in total cost offered by the clinics before choosing any particular surrogacy center. A cheaper option may not be always viable.

Below is a typical surrogacy costs outline (all costs are in approximate figures and may differ from clinic to clinic)

  • Registration fee (approx. US$18)
  • First doctor consultation (US$20)
  • IVF procedure cost (US$7,000) that includes-
    • IVF fees (US$4,000-$5,000)
    • Surrogate Recruitment (US$1,000)
    • Surrogate endometrial preparation (US$2,000)
  • Surrogate mother compensation (US$7000)
    • Surrogate pregnancy cost including antenatal care and postnatal care (US$6,000)
    • Antenatal care for surrogate (US$1,000)
    • Surrogate caretaker (US$1,500)
    • Housing fee for surrogate during pregnancy, if applicable (US$1,000)
    • Deposit for any required antenatal hospital fees (US$1,000)
    • Delivery of baby (US$1,500)
  • Drugs charges (US$2,000)
  • Life insurance policy for surrogate (US$2,000)
  • Legal and documentation cost (US$3,000)

The above costs sums to over US$27,000. (You can change it to your own currency using the current exchange rate)

Surrogacy costs excluded from packages

Apart from above listed elements in the package, there are some other optional or unforeseen expenses that may come up during the surrogacy process, such as failed IVF cycles, twin pregnancy, embryo freezing, or any complication to the surrogate or baby. These are not included in the packages by the clinics. You should enquire about such sudden expenses from the clinics before taking up the procedure to be fully prepared for any uncalled expenditure.

Below are the additional expenses in approximate figures for you to get an idea of expenditure on these. These may also vary from clinic to clinic:

  • Freezing of extra embryos for six months- optional (US$1,000)
  • Pregnancy termination, if applicable (US$600)
  • Fetal reduction procedure ,if applicable, $ 1000
  • Surrogate’s pregnancy complications
  • Pediatricians’ charges

In addition to above costs, if you are not from India, should also add travelling and hotel stay expenditures during the surrogacy cycle. You will also be spending on embassy fee, baby’s passport, citizenship application and documentation etc.

Finally, spending on baby pick-up

By the time the baby is born, there are several paper work formalities to be done for taking the baby to your country. This may take a hectic few weeks.

You will be spending over US$500 in getting passport and exit visa for the baby. Some consulate (U.S.) also require DNA test to confirm the genetic link to one parent while some only accept tests done in accredited labs  of their own country like Australia. This cost varies for different countries.

Once the exit paper work initiated you can fly back home with your baby !

To get specific expenditure guidance on surrogacy procedure, you can speak to our patient counselors who will guide you through your cost queries. Patient Counseling at is absolutely free. Best wishes !