After deciding over to go through the surrogacy process the next step is to choose an appropriate surrogacy clinic. The decision should be taken with caution and after much enquiry to avoid any hassle later or in between the process. You should be careful with touts, hyper advertisements and much publicized commercials.

India has about 372 ART clinics registered with Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR, operating from different cities (as of publishing this article).

To guide you through the selection of surrogacy clinics for your surrogacy procedure, here are some factors that you should consider while taking decision.


It is the foremost criteria for selecting the surrogacy clinic. Make sure your ART clinic is registered with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Credible and ethical

Ethics in medical profession are important and have even more value in sensitive cases of surrogacy procedure. To know about the clinics practice of morals and principles, it is advisable to go through online testimonials, blogs, and patients’ feedback. An online research is helpful to establish the credibility and reputation of the ART clinic.

Latest state-of-the-art facility

The clinic should have good infrastructure, abreast with latest technology, have provision of testing laboratory, advanced medical equipments, and proper monitoring and operating procedures.


This is another important deciding factor while choosing the surrogacy clinic. Before starting the treatment you should get the clear cost breakup from the clinic making sure that there are no hidden expenses. For more detailed understanding on the surrogacy expenditure read our article Cost of Surrogacy in India.


Connectivity to the airport or railway station and availability of transport should be ensured for easy movement to and fro from your clinic to hotel or lodge wherever you would stay.

Success rate

Get information about the number of successful surrogacy cases the clinic has performed. The success rate would definitely be a driving factor to boost your confidence in the process.

Recruitment of surrogate mother

You should check with the clinic if they recruit surrogate or provide egg donor (as the case may be) after a thorough background check.

Counseling facility

A good clinic should have trained and well informed counselor who is ready to guide you through the various stages of surrogacy process, surrogate selection, cost, your baby care, and even with the legal aspects like documentation for surrogate baby etc.

Confidentiality of patients’ records

A good surrogacy clinic abides by this norm but you should make sure they follow the practice. Any information about the intended parents, donors and surrogates must be kept confidential.

Well trained staff

The surrogacy process has many intricacies to it. It is essential that all the nurses and collaborators with whom you may have to interact during the surrogacy process are especially qualified and trained for the purpose.

Acknowledging complaints, if any

As per ICMR norms, all registered clinics should have procedures for acknowledging and investigating complaints, and a designated person to deal with such issues.

The surrogacy clinic should keep you update throughout the pregnancy via Skype calls, phone, and e-mails etc. Building confidence with the clinic and the doctor is half the way covered. So be judicious in your surrogacy clinic decision.