Once you are ready for the journey of surrogacy, you would have to undergo through different stages of the process. Here are the major steps of the surrogacy process to give you a clearer picture.

  • Consultation: As intended parent the journey begins with the consultation of doctors, probably second or third opinion you may need to be doubly sure about the process.
  • Type of surrogacy: There are two types of surrogacy – Traditional and Gestational, that you would have to choose from after consultation with your specialist.
  • Selecting an egg donor: In case you need an egg donor, you can get one from either the IVF clinic, egg donor agency or can also bring your friend or relative who is ready to donate eggs for you.
  • Selecting the Surrogate: Surrogates are generally women aged between 20-40 years old who are married and have their own children. Surrogates are either provided by the surrogacy clinics, agency or you may bring your own surrogate from family or friends. Read (Selecting a Surrogate) for detailed information.
  • Surrogacy agreement: A surrogacy agreement is mandatory as per the ICMR guidelines. The agreement is the only legal paper to support your claim on the baby, getting the passport, and visa etc. A surrogacy agreement is between you as intended parents and the surrogate mother, where both should understand the intentions of each other at the time of signing this contract. Read (Surrogacy Agreement) for detailed information.
  • Deposit the fee: Before starting the procedure, you will be asked to deposit a part of the total fee by the ART clinic. The rest is deposited at various stages of the treatment. Read (Cost of Surrogacy) for detailed information.
  • Medical process: The medical process of fertilization and embryo transfer under the supervision of your specialist doctor begins at the ART clinic.
  • Surrogate pregnant with your baby: After few days of embryo transfer to the surrogate mother you would get the news of your surrogate’s pregnancy with your baby. The surrogate mother is under constant observation and care of your ART clinic.
  • Legal formalities: You should now start preparing for the documentation work for bringing your surrogate baby back to own country. Better, if done in advanced. You will be required to submit number of documents at various stages from getting the birth certificate, DNA test report, passport, to exit visa of your baby. Read (Documentation for baby) for detail information.
  • Prepare for the baby: After the birth of your baby the hospital may discharge the surrogate mother and baby within two to three days. Now it is your turn to take care of the baby, though the hospital would guide you with all the requisites (from feeding to bathing of the baby), things-to-get/shop and to-do. Read (Taking baby home) for detail information.

Here your surrogacy process ends and now having your baby in your arms is the moment you have been waiting for. Enjoy the blessing to the fullest. Happy Parenting!