Success Rate of Surrogacy in India

Broadly speaking, success rate of good surrogacy clinics in India are equal or even above the average of their counterparts in USA or UK *

Having said that, here are the factors to be considered;

In India, after the Supreme Court Judgement in 2002 that makes commercial surrogacy legal, the country became a popular surrogacy destination for childless couples. Since then, India has witnessed over 1,000 surrogacy clinics in different parts (even in tier II and III cities) of the country. Surrogacy is an important part of flourishing medical tourism in the country that has become much over billion dollar activity. Every year increasing number of intended parents from Australia, US, Israel, and Europe, are visiting India on medical visa for surrogacy.

Success rate estimation

Though it is difficult to gauge the overall success rate or the count of surrogacy cases in the country as unlike US and UK, India has no authority that tracks or regulates the surrogacy cases data. But the increasing number of childless couples opting for surrogacy may speak well of the surrogacy treatment in the country. According to one of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) journal, “India has one of the highest growths in the ART centers and the number of ART cycles performed every year; and very soon the country will be the leader in terms of a number of cycles.” Speaking of success rates, surrogacy success rate in India is generally estimated to be around 55% for couples aged up to 40. However, the rate can be higher or lower depending on a host of other factors.

Due to absence of any data on surrogacy success rates, you could depend on online research about clinics in India, testimonials, intended parents’ feedback, independent surrogacy blogs etc. Since, surrogacy clinics often quote unrealistic figures about their success rates, it is advisable not to believe them blindly and enquire about number of surrogacy cases the clinic handled, how many were successful, type of surrogacy they carried, etc.

You should look for three basic requirements in a surrogacy clinic for understanding success rate

  • If the clinic is registered with ICMR, Government of India and reputed
  • The doctors/specialists are qualified and experienced
  • The clinic/hospital is well equipped with facilities to deal with such treatments
  • You can visit “Selecting the Clinic” for detailed information.

Apart from figures or data, the other approach of estimating surrogacy success rate is on individual case to case basis. There are several factors that determine the success of your surrogacy, such as age of egg donor, use of fresh /frozen embryos, history of gestational carriers, and number of failed pregnancies of the egg donor.

India is at upper hand as compared to other nations in terms of technology, availability of highly qualified and experienced doctors and cost factors etc. that makes it a preferred destination for intended parents like you and moreover there are thousands of surrogacy success stories too from the country.

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