All the stress of surrogacy medical procedure, role of surrogate mother, and the long wait is over, once your baby is born. Now you want to take your baby in arms and fly back home. But here is the second crucial phase of surrogacy process that begins. As a biological mother and father of your baby, you have to be very careful in taking his/her care, especially the first three months are crucial. The first few weeks will be sleepless for you due to different sleeping patterns and feeding schedule of the baby.

After the birth of your surrogate baby the hospital may discharge the surrogate mother and baby within two to three days. Now it is your turn to take care of the baby, though the hospital would guide you with all the requisites (from feeding to bathing of the baby), things-to-get/shop and to-do.

Some clinics also provide baby care sitters facility for your few days stay in India after the birth of the baby for a reasonable amount. You can also undergo babe care training in your own country before the birth to look after your baby yourself.

Let’s take a look at the various aspects of surrogate baby care soon after his/her birth.

Feeding the baby

Breast feeding by the surrogate mother is the convenient and most viable option, if you have included in your contract for the breastfeed/colostrum of the surrogate mother for your baby.  Breastfeed is good for your baby and important to boost his/her immune system. The other options are bottle feed, wet nurses, or adoptive breastfeeding methods to feed your baby.

Wet nurses are difficult to get. You should try to make arrangements even before the birth of the baby, in consultation with your surrogacy guide at clinic or doctors. In case of adoptive feeding methods, consult your doctor a month before the baby is born.

Traveling with the baby

It is not necessary you are able to take your baby home as soon as he/she is born. The paper work, documentation, passport, getting exit visa, DNA test formalities etc., may take about 10-15 days or about a month. It varies for different countries. Although you want to leave for home as early as possible, it is better to take the older baby on long train or air travel rather a new born infant.

Lot of care and caution is required while travelling with the infant surrogate baby. While on air journey, consider feeding the baby during take-off and landing to ease air pressure. If the baby is sick with cold or cough, consult the doctor before travelling with the baby. Also, consult on taking care as you reach your own country which may have cold weather compared to tropical weather of India.

  • Here are things to carry when travelling with the baby:If your baby is not on breast milk, carry baby formula milk in three to four bottles to feed while travelling.
  • Keep sterilizers for cleaning milk bottles
  • Thermos for boiled water
  • Extra clothing, diapers, wet tissues, and paper bags
  • Wraps, blankets or towels
  • Baby carrier

From the hospital

Below are the list of things which you should get from your surrogacy clinic once going back home.

  • Hospital discharge documents, prenatal and hospital reports, doctors’ prescriptions
  • Surrogacy contract
  • Get the birth certificate with child’s name, mother and father’s name
  • Baby’s vaccination card
  • Medical accessories
  • Precautionary medicines for baby, such as cold, cough, fever, gastric or ear infection etc.

Legal documents you would need

  • Baby passport and exit visa
  • Your marriage certificate (gay or single parent are not permissible for surrogacy in India)
  • DNA test report to establish genetic link of baby with at least one parent
  • Prior to the birth of the baby you should start the process of baby citizenship. Consult the embassy before the birth for the early process so that the baby gets citizenship of your country sooner

After the long ordeal you are back to your home and family with the new baby. You have to make sure to make the baby is comfortable in the new environment and weather conditions with love, care and supervision.

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