Who is a Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother is the woman who willfully carries your baby in her womb. She becomes pregnant using Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART), such as IVF and carries the baby to term. She is a woman who literally bears the pain to bring the joy of parenthood in your life.

A surrogate mother is chosen for the surrogacy process based several criteria. Before becoming a surrogate mother, she has to undergo screening and medical tests to be approved for the surrogate pregnancy.  She has to also sign a surrogacy agreement along with her husband, you (intended parents), your doctor, and a witness from the ART clinic.

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There are two types of surrogate mothers- Traditional and Gestational, depending on type of surrogacy process.

Traditional Surrogate

A traditional surrogate mother undergoes traditional surrogacy process. She herself is the egg donor and will be artificially inseminated with sperm. The surrogate baby born through her is then raised by the intended parents.

Gestational surrogate

Gestational mother is impregnated with the donor’s egg and sperm. The surrogate has no genetic link with the baby. She is only the birth mother while the biological mother is the woman whose egg was used for fertilization.

You as intended parents have to pay all the expenses of the surrogate mother pregnancy and post natal care. In the surrogacy process she is the most important person who deserves your care, support, and understanding both morally and financially.

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