A surrogate mother is opted normally under two broad situations:

  1. A medical, psychological or emotional constraint that is hindering a couple from carrying the baby in its intended mother’s womb; and
  2. In the second scenario, a couple may deliberately decide to have the baby carried by surrogate, although the mother does not have a significant medical reason. There is a growing trend of such surrogacy cases especially among privileged sections of society.

Yes, we need a Surrogate Mother, now what next?

If you have decided to go for surrogacy, we would recommend that you acquaint yourself with few basic information about various types of surrogacy.

Most surrogacy cases today, are Gestational Surrogacy, where the intended mother’s egg is retrieved medically and mixed with the intended father’s sperm, and thereafter transferred to the uterus of the surrogate (to understand this process in detail, read: IVF Procedure explained)

Now, as would be clear from the explanation, in surrogacy, although the child would be having the genes of the intended parents (depending on the combination opted) but because the child is going to grow inside the womb of the surrogate, it may inherit a good amount of physical characteristics of the surrogate (if, traditional surrogacy). Thus, it is important to do spend some good time in choosing the right surrogate for your baby.

Selecting a Surrogate

In order to select a surrogate, you need to find a list of surrogates. Right? This brings us to two questions:

  • Choosing surrogate through agency
  • Choosing surrogate through IVF clinic

You can read the said sections to understand the merits and demerits of both. Once you have decided on which source to go with, you can come to the question of: Selecting the surrogate.

While there are end number of criteria that can be applied in choosing a surrogate, we generally recommend that you be broad-minded and do not emphasize on characteristics of surrogate other than physical ones. Thus, characteristics such as religion, food habits etc., should suggestively be ignored, as the child naturally would be brought up the way you want, and surrogates religion, beliefs etc., will seldom have any effect. Furthermore, it is important to approach the whole process with a open heart and with legitimate concern for the well-being of the surrogate mother. Never forget, generosity begets generosity!