A surrogate mother is eligible to get compensation for carrying surrogate baby in her womb.  She is not only lending her womb to carry your child, but physically and emotionally would undergo a highly demanding journey herself. An important person indeed through the surrogacy process, surrogate mother deserves your care, support, and understanding both morally and monetarily.

The compensation of surrogate mothers in India is far less than their western counterparts, which is attracting hundreds of couples to the country who seek parenthood. Though there is no law or rule on compensating surrogate mothers. A general amount is laid by clinics and agencies based on cost of living of the location. For example, the fee of surrogate mother would be higher in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi compared to other cities.

The surrogate mother cost is also based on factors such as type of pregnancy, number of IVF attempts, or number of previous surrogate pregnancies.  A first-time surrogate mother’s fee may be lesser than the surrogates with a previous history of successful surrogate pregnancy. Similarly, you may have to pay less to a surrogate with a record of some failed attempts. Also, a surrogate carrying more than one fetus would be paid an additional amount.

As intended parents, apart from bearing the entire medical cost (both prenatal and postnatal care), drugs, living expenses (maternity clothing, meals etc.), travels (if any), doctor’s visit, surrogate’s insurance cover (10-12 months), and agreement cost during the nine-month pregnancy, you will also have to pay a monthly allowance of about US$60-100 and the final agreed compensation of approximately US$7,000-10,000 to the surrogate. This compensation should be deposited in the bank account in the name of surrogate mother. The complete amount can be given either after the delivery of your baby or in installments at various stages of the pregnancy. All the payments are made under a legal contract.

Below is listed an approximate amount paid for the surrogate’s pregnancy

  • Surrogate mother compensation (US$7000)
  • Surrogate mother monthly allowance ($60 per month up to 10 months)
  • Surrogate pregnancy cost including antenatal care and postnatal care (US$6,000)
    -Antenatal care for surrogate (US$1,000)
    -Surrogate caretaker (US$1,500)
    -Housing fee for surrogate during pregnancy, if applicable (US$1,000)
    -Deposit for any required antenatal hospital fees (US$1,000)
    -Delivery of baby (US$1,500)
  • Drugs charges (US$2,000)
  • Life insurance policy for surrogate (US$2,000)

Surrogacy, in India has helped many economically deprived families to meet their needs. There are hundreds of stories when the surrogate mothers were able to help their children and families towards better life. A surrogate is like an angel both for you and her family as she becomes a life giver to your baby and raises her own family too. You can never give her enough for the priceless gift in the form of your baby that she gave you.

Surrogacy is legal in India but the country has no laws to protect the interests of surrogate mothers. You are advised to approach surrogate mothers through reputed ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) clinics to avoid middlemen and cons who may take away large sum of money in the name of surrogate compensation and not giving your surrogate her due returns. You should make sure while making payments that the due monies are received by your surrogate.